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The mission of the Brenton Arboretum is to bring joy to all through the beauty and knowledge of the natural world of trees.  The arboretum conveys the importance of woody plants as a place of quiet enjoyment, education, conservation, research and demonstration.


The Brenton Arboretum speaks to people like us; to school children, whose eyes shine with joy at the sight of open spaces and leafy canopies; young couples who come to discover the perfect tree for their yard; to walkers, researchers and gardeners who travel the gravel road to discover the treasure among the cornfields  – the delightful escape from the city.

TO REGISTER for Classes and Events: Please call the Brenton Arboretum at 515.992.4211 or email beth@thebrentonarboretum.org. Thank you!


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2014 Classes and Events

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Nature Explore Workshop


UPDATE! Emerald Ash Borer Spotted in Newton, Iowa

Cooperative Emerald Ash Borer Project Map


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